FREESTYLE HUNTER/VELDSKOEN BOOTS What more can I say about these pink suede shoes! ‘These boots are made for walking and that just what they did, as I travelled around the world, with my veldskoens on my feet’, as the classic song goes or my version of it anyway  😊 Must […]

PROBAC Dishwashing Liquid

Costs:- 750ml – R39-00;  5 liters – R215-00 (online) Probac produce Biological home cleaners, that are fully biodegradable and are locally produced in Durban, South Africa. I have been using Probac Dishwashing Liquid on and off for a while now. I can not always find it in the store when […]

Earthsap Automatic Dishwasher Gel

     Opinion: Very Good. Give it a try. Earthsap still seems to be, by far, my best store bought ‘green’ group of products. I used this a while ago and was not too sure, but we have since bought a new dishwasher and decided to give it another try. […]

PnP Green Dishwashing Liquid

 About R20-00 per 500ml This is a new Green dishwashing liquid from PnP. The older products that they used to sell, seem to have disappeared from the shelves, and are now being replaced with these. It’s a pity because I really liked the last ones, and they worked so well. […]

YOGHURT – Yet another update…

I just had to share this update for making yoghurt. It has simplified my life so much and cut the process time by half. I had been googling for insulated, stainless steel containers, that I could heat in as well as leave my cultured milk in to ‘grow’ in yoghurt. […]

Tried and Tested Travel

We were very priviledged to have travelled overseas for 2 months last year. Having very itchy feet, a pretty adventurous spirit and an easy going husband, who did say that he would NEVER visit India, we packed our bags, met up with friends, and had an experience of a lifetime. […]


  R80-00 for 20 washes I bought these pods, which are not cheap,  but I feel that if I can find a eco-friendly, biodegradable, machine dishwashing product that actually cleans, it would be worth it. Plus we are looking at putting in a eco-friendly grey and black water system, and […]

Le Chocolatier

Rough Natural Pure Chocolate Price: R42-00, available Spar, Organic Zone Opinion: Amazing, a must If I had a famous TV show and could give a few of ‘My favourite things’ away, this would be one of them. I have tried the 55% and 70% Organic, No sugar (yes No sugar), […]

EcoSoft Update

  Unfortunately this product has been taken off the market and is no longer available. Please see their reply to my email below: Good Afternoon, I trust you are well? Thank you for contacting us, we have unfortunately discontinued the EcoSoft brand as it was not generating any sales. You […]