Livingseeds is South Africa’s largest online suppliers of locally grown heirloom and open pollinated vegetable seeds.

Opinion: – Highly recommend

Prices: – Reasonable

If you are a veggie gardener, or an aspiring one, this is the site for you. Their webpage and newsletter offers a mine of information too, even if you are not a gardener. Sean Freeman, who runs the company, not only fills you in on vegetable gardening secrets and methods, but also what is happening out there in the ‘growing world’ with regards to pesticides, GM foods and much more. This obviously affects everyone, as we all shop and eat, and are sometimes totally oblivious as to what is in our foods. Very thought provoking reading.

Ordering is very easy and efficient, and their prices are very reasonable considering that you should only have to order once, and thereafter are encouraged by Sean to collect your own seeds from your produce. They supply a large variety of vegetable seeds, some well known varieties and some interesting others, to choose from. Although they do not always have enough stock, I am sure that with time the supply will be able to keep up with the demand. Almost everyone should be able to grow some veggies or at least herbs, whether you live on a plot, in a townhouse or even have a balcony. Pop some loose leaf lettuces in amongst your flowers, a tomato plant or two, a pepper bush and you almost have a salad at your fingertips. Wild rocket is so easy to grow, as it self-seeds and can almost become like a weed. Swiss chard is another one of those plants that just gives and gives, very rewarding. For me, picking my own veggies is so thrilling, and definitely takes precedence over my flowers. Much of my flower garden is annual or self-seeds, even into my vegetable garden. This helps attract bees and beneficial insects. There’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty, and at the end of the day literally enjoying the fruits of your labour. Give it a bash, you might just find a new hobby.

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