Opinion: – Best for me so far

Price: – R37-00 each, 250 ml, Pick n Pay

This is by far the best natural and non-toxic shampoo and conditioner that I have used so far. It is biodegradable, contains no synthetic fragrances, sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate, no animal ingredients, no synthetic dyes or preservatives, no petrochemicals and is not tested on animals. With my fly away, frizzy hair, especially in this wet weather, I do need to use a ‘calming’ product on my hair, and am working on finding a more natural one. Never the less, this is still the best product that I have found most suited to my hair type. I use the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for dry to normal hair, with pomegranate and soy. It lathers well and goes far and it also has a pleasant, fresh smell.

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  • valda petersen

    Can i use the earthsap sulphate free shampoo after a brazilian treatment??
    i have dry thick course hair and had a brazillian……..
    I need to know if this will be compatible with a cacau brazillian as there shampoo and conditioners are extremely expensive

    • Ginny Post author

      Hi Valda
      From what I have read online (see, I believe that sodium chloride and sulphates are bad for a brazillian hair treatment, and from the ingredients on the Earthsap shampoo and conditioner products, these ingredients do not seem to be present. Not knowing enough about brazillian hair treatments or the ph balances of the Earthsap products, I have emailed earthsap directly, and will let you know as soon as I get a reply from them. Really hope that these local products will be able to work for you.

      • Lou

        Please do post on here as I too am interested in knowing the outcome of the answer! I have had the straightening treatment but the shampoo is expensive and I need a cheaper option.
        Thanks for your help!

        • Ginny Post author

          Hi Lou
          Unfortunately I have still not had a reply back from Earthsap. I will send them another email. I have also asked around, but no-one seems to have first hand information about the Brazillian hair straightening treatment. The only thing I can recommend is going back to the salon where you had the treatment, and asking them, or maybe checking the ingredients in the recommended shampoo/conditioner, and seeing how they compare. Hopefully they will be honest with you, and not only interested in selling their more expensive, recommended products. I am sorry, I am really not equipped to advise you on which products to use, but please do keep us posted as to what you eventually do, as I am sure other people would be interested too. I will be sure to let you know if and when I receive a response from Earthsap.

          • Ginny Post author

            Hi Everyone,
            Below is the reply from Earthsap. I hope you manage to find an affordable, suitable product. Please keep us posted.

            Thanks for the inquiry. Although earthsap products are nature based, I would not recommend them for use after a Brazilian treatment, as they are not designed for this purpose.


          • Ginny Post author

            Hi All,
            Below is a copy of a email I received from a previous writer. I have copied and posted it with her permission:

            I purchased Earthsap and have been using it regardless as I would rather use a natural product. It’s a little runny but the smell is lovely and I am quite happy with it, they have a new customer in me for sure!
            I have tried another brand of natural shampoo before and most definitely prefer Earthsap – it smells nice and your hair is really clean (which I didn’t feel using the other brand).
            I understand that it does not “comply” with the Brazilian treatment but I honestly can’t afford or substantiate spending R550 per month on shampoo and conditioner.
            Thanks again for your help.
            With kind regards,

  • Jacqueline

    Hi Ginny

    I had the Brazilian Keratin treatment for reconstructing and -at the same time- straightening my very curly hair (I am from Europe). The Keratin treatment was done in South Africa. The Hair Saloon wanted to sell a bottle of special Sodium- and Sulfate free shampoo (250 ml) and a special conditioner (250 ml) for 500 Rand. I didn’t buy it but did instead some research and found “Earthsap Pomegranate and Soy” Shampoo (250 ml) for 37 Rand at SPAR. The Earthsap Pomegranate and Soy conditioner (250 ml) was also 37 Rand. Earthsap-Hair-Products are excellent and very useful for Brazilian Keratin treated hair. Please start using it!


    • Ginny Post author

      Hi Jacqueline
      Thank you so much for your feedback. Earthsap Pomergranate and Soy is also may favourite shampoo and conditioner. I am so pleased you were able to find a local and healthy alternative.
      All the best with your Brazilian treatment.

  • Mads

    Hi Ladies

    I am about to undergo a Brazilian Blow Dry treatment and have been frantically shopping for an affordable alternative to the after care shampoo and conditioners that are being suggested.

    I am very happy to hear about Eathsap – to be honnest – I’ve never heard of the product before, but looking forward to giving it a try.

    Thanx again!

    • Ginny Post author

      Hi Mads
      All the best for your Brazilian Blow Dry. As I am sure you have read from the previous comments, Earthsap themselves cannot approve their products specifically for a Brazilian, but previous readers seem to have tried it with great results, as it does not contain the prohibited ingredients. I still find this one of my favourite shampoos and conditioners, even after trying others. All the best, and thanks for your feedback.

  • Carmen

    I was a bit sceptic about this shampoo, but after trying it I’m so impressed! I have short,coarse,thick hair and this shampoo leaves my hair soft and manageable! I’ve been looking a very long time for natural shampoo without the bad sulphates and this product is wonderful. To think that I payed so much for shampoo at a hairdresser and when I got home I found that it contained all the bad sulphates + salt (which is a cheap ingredient they use to thicken shampoo).Eartsap is all natural and I would recommend it to anyone!

    • Ginny Post author

      Many thanks for your feedback. It is so good to find others who feel the same as I do. Generally people are really not aware of the ‘poisons’ that they put on their bodies daily, and so much is absorbed through our skin. I have been using this shampoo now for a few years, and my hair definitely feels in better condition too. Thanks again. I hope that this will continue your quest into the use of more environmentally friendly products too. Their are many great products out there.

  • Mandy

    I have recently started using these products, and I am delighted with it. I am 60, and have used so many different products through the years, with various levels of satisfaction. My hair is like it was when I was a teenager!!! Silken, and soooo lovely. I am now a client for life.Mandy

    • Ginny Post author

      Thanks Mandy for sharing with us. It is really encouraging to hear. I hope and trust that you will continue to try other green products. There are some amazing ones out there. All the best, Ginny

  • Nadia

    I have to agree with the comments from people endorsing earthsap shampoo and conditioner- I have now tried pretty much every brand of non-toxic, cruelty free, earth friendly shampoo and conditioner available in SA and while the others have left my hair feeling super dry and full of knots, (or are so organic they mould up within weeks) earthsap leaves it feeling great.
    Very keen to try the other products available from earthsap.

    • Ginny Post author

      Many thanks for your feedback, and apologies for such a late response. I too am trying some of there other products and will do another update soon. Thanks again.