Opinion: – Not for me as a dishwashing liquid, but great as a handwash.

I had really hoped that this dishwashing liquid would be ‘The one’. Being 100% biodegradable and plant based, carcinogen, dioxane and ethylene oxide free, and non-toxic, it is totally natural, ‘from the earth’. Their site also states that dishwashing water, poured directly onto your garden, will actually benefit the plants from the nutrients in the liquid.

Unfortunately with all these pros, I did not find that it could cut the grease in a sink full of water, as I required it to, or as advertised. On a sponge it was ok, but I found in a sink full, after continuously adding, up to 3 large squirts once, there was still no foam, and the dishes felt oily. This particular load was not very greasy either. I also tried it in my dishwasher, which they said it could be used for. I used as directed, but also found that the glasses did not rinse clear, but had a cloudy film on them. I was disappointed that it did not work as advertised, as I bought it at a show, and was assured by the sales guys that it was very effective. I may give it a bash as a foliar spray for my olive trees, as apparently neem oil, which is one of the ingredients in this product, is helpful with the killing of lacebug? They also sell other household products which I am willing to give try too. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, and I have found other products, where I like one and not the other. Each to their own!

The balance of the liquid I have decanted into a pump action bottle, to use as a hand wash in the kitchen, or for individual dishes. I am really enjoying it as a hand wash, and may even consider buying it for just this in the future. Especially in the kitchen, if I am washing it over dishes, I know that that is OK, and it does leave my hands feeling moisturized. This maybe is because of the different varieties of natural oils that it contains.  So all will not be wasted, and my search continues.


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