In my previous post on how to make yoghurt, I had said that when the culture was growing in the flask/cooler box,  you should leave it overnight. Well, I am needing to update that info, as I found with my last 2 batches that the yoghurt had a sour taste. Not bad, but not creamy or sweet like it should be, or had been previously. I was worried that my starter was getting old, as I had heard that this could happen.

So I googled what could maybe be the problem, and found that it is probably ‘growing’ for too long a period.  I tried a new batch, making it in the morning rather, and letting it stand for a shorter time, without hot water in the bottom of the cooler. This, the hot water, I had done previously because overnight, in the Cape, it can be quite cold. And this did work and seem to be necessary in the middle of winter.

I first checked it after 6 hours, and found it still to be a bit thin, so I placed it back in the cooler box, this time putting in boiling water, as a lot of the warmth had escaped on me opening the box and flask. I checked it again after another hour, and it was ready. By this stage I had run out of hours, so I strained it overnight. This also proved fine, as if you find the yoghurt too thick, you can always stir a bit of the whey back in.

Hope this is helpful, and that many of you out there are enjoying the best yoghurt ever, at half the price of the bought stuff too. 🙂

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