Opinion: – Favourite so far

Price: – About R30-00

At last, a dishwashing liquid that holds its lather, cleans and claims to be bio-degradable. This is my dishwashing liquid of choice for now. It has a nice, thick consistency, smells pleasant and goes far. I also use it to wash my pine wooden floors. This I do at my own risk, as it is not advertised for that but does the work for me.  As with their liquid fabric detergent, they state that it biodegrades in 6 days, is safe for septic tanks and is not tested on animals. I am not too sure what ‘bio-degrades in 6 days’ actually means. Does it mean that it is toxic in day 0 – 5? It is also advertised as non toxic for children, animals, plants and aquatic life. Again is this only after 6 days only or with immediate effect? They state that their products have passed the OECD 301 test, but what does that mean to you and me? I have emailed Pick n Pay for more of an explanation in layman’s terms, have received an acknowledgment from them that they have received my letter, and I now am awaiting a reply. I will keep you posted. (I have received a reply back from Pick n Pay. Please see updated post)

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