As stated in my previous review on the Pick n Pay Green Dishwashing liquid, I contacted Pick n Pay with regards to the biodegradability to these products. They state on their packing that their products biodegrade in 6 day, and I was concerned about the toxicity of the product between day 0-5? After trying to contact them on their contact site three times through the various departments, to no avail, I then found another email address and forwarded a copy of my letter once again. This time they were amazingly quick to reply and really helpful.  This is a quote from them on this process:-

‘The PnP Green ready to use products, biodegrades in 6 days and the concentrates biodegrades in 14 days.

This means that once disposed of , after being flushed down a drain through normal household effluent channels into the municipal effluent , it will start to mix with the effluent , increasing the good bacterial load and start to biodegrade , breaking down into carbon dioxide and oxygen. There will be no trace of the product after this time.

During the 0 – 5 days , it is not toxic , however , should you want to use your “waste” water to water your garden or as “grey water” , we do advise that the solution be retained for the 6 day period as it allows  the degrading process to start and for any active agents to become ineffective . After the 5 / 6 day, the solution can be used for watering.

We do not recommend pouring the “used product solution, directly onto plants as it may cause discolouration due to activity of some of the agents , the 5 day period is needed for degradation .’

These products were founded by a Canadian based company called Innu-Science, which started producing ‘green’ products over a decade ago. Their subsidiary, Innu-Science South Africa, now produces these products for Pick n Pay locally. Check out their site:  http://www.innu-science.co.za/about-us.html

Pick n Pay also forward me a PDF containing information on Innu-Sciences’ environmental commitment. I found this very interesting and personally feel satisfied about the biodegradability and toxicity of their products. If you would like to see a copy of this please forward me your email address.

The products are also endorsed by Indalo Yethu, who is an independent trust founded by the Department of Environmental Affairs, and Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) and who is establishing a national voluntary accreditation system for greening initiatives across South Africa. http://www.indaloyethu.com/

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