Natural or Man-Made?

Are all biodegradable, earth friendly, green or organic products equal? If a product has ‘organic’ on its labelling does that mean that it actually is?

Some state that they are completely plant based, e.g. Our Earth Dishwashing Liquid, and that they can be thrown directly onto the garden, and will actually benefit the plants. Others, e.g. Pick n Pay Green products, state that they biodegrade in six days. What they mean by this is that for the product to biodegrade fully it takes 6 days, but the process of biodegradation starts as soon as the product hits the water. In the mean time the product will not be harmful or toxic; it may discolour your plants, but will not kill them, from what I can understand, although they do suggest that you wait 6 days before using the grey water on your garden. (See previous review on the Pick n Pay Green Dishwashing Liquid). And then you have the Organics range of shampoos and conditioners that we see in all our stores. According to an article that I read online recently, this product does not contain even one organic ingredient? See:Biophile Magazine I have googled for hours on these matters, and yet I am sometimes more confused than ever.

Obviously what you see is not always what you get, so who do we trust? I plan to do a lot more online research with regards to some of these ingredients, as I would like to know who is climbing on the ‘green bandwagon’ and who is really genuine? Who really cares about looking after the environment, and who’s just after a quick buck? Is there some sort of ‘green grading’ process, on local South African products, where we could check out this information? If anyone has any details on these products, ingredients or green grading, I would really appreciate hearing from them. I have found some interesting articles on Urban Sprout which I plan to follow up soon. Have a look for yourself, I look forward to hearing from you and I will keep you posted on my research too.

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