Opinion: My 2nd choice for now

Price: Around R25-00

As this dishwashing liquid contains no dyes, artificial fragrances, artificial preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine, bleach, animal or GM ingredients, and is not tested on animals, it is definitely worth a try. It is also completely biodegradable, safe for septic tanks and gentle on the hands.

I recently re-tried this product, as I could not get my regular ‘green’ one, and because it stated that it was now ‘2 X normal strength’. I think it may be a little thicker than the previously, but still a bit too runny for me. It pours out the bottle a bit too ‘generously’.  It did ‘foam’ nicely in a sink of warm water and clean well initially. But I found that if the dishes were extra greasy it lost its foam very quickly and I could feel a greasyness on the dishes and around the rim of my sink. It does work well though, once again, on a sponge for individual dishes, washing as I call the ‘Brazilian way’. On a recent visit to Brazil, we did notice that the sinks did not have hot water or plugs, and that the locals place washing liquid on a sponge, wash the dishes and then rinse under a cold tap. I guess you can do that in the tropics, but not here in mid-winter! I will continue to buy this product for these purposes though and as a back-up. I keep it in a handy pump bottle for when my hands are grubby, and it does have a nice fragrance. It also rinses off individual dishes and your hands easily.


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