Opinion: – Good

Price: – 2 kg – about R68-00

Eco Soft is a phosphate free, biodegradable washing powder. It is also recommended for grey water systems. See: CleverGreen ; Rainharvest

Phosphates are a nutrient that are essential to plant life and found naturally in the environment. They are meant to soften the water, but as this is not a problem that we have in South Africa, we do not need phosphates to be added to our detergents. In excess they cause major water pollution and can cause the algae and weeds to grow excessively, causing what is known as toxic algal bloom. This growth depletes the water of oxygen causing the fish and animals to die. It can also cause what is known as blue-green algae to grow, with this algae being extremely toxic, as it gives off a type of cyanide. There is an interesting video to watch about this on Youtube.

I have been using this washing powder for some time now and will continue to do so. I mainly use it on my bulk washing, i.e. darker loads, bedding etc. On white washing I would recommend pre-treating collars, cuffs and general marks, but otherwise it is quite adequate. It is reasonably priced, working out a little cheaper than some of the other green ones. I am going to try the EcoSoft Powerwash 2 in 1 next. I am not sure of the price of this, but will keep you posted.

You may be interested to know that phospates are banned in some of the states in the US, and EU. Some other useful links are:-


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  • Brogan Lane

    Good day,

    We are trying to get in contact with the marketing of Eco Soft washing powder regarding marketing research. Please may you assist us with a contact email in this regard.

    Kind Regards,
    Brogan Lane

    • Ginny Post author

      Good afternoon Brogan
      Please excuse the delayed reply. The distributors for Eco Soft seem to be Inco Labs, in Bryanston, Johannesburg.
      Hope you are able to get the information that you need.

  • janina marshall

    I am in CapeTown and have always bought Eco Soft from my local Spar but they are no longer stocking it. Could you let me know which supermarket chain in the Claremont/Kenilworth area of Cape Town are currently stocking it. It is urgent as we have an alergic reaction to other detergents.

    • Ginny Post author

      Hi Janina
      I usually buy my Ecosoft from Pick n Pay, Constantia. I am not sure which other supermarkets stock this product but I will copy your email to Incolabs, who are the supplies of Ecosoft and hopefully they can help you out. All the best with your search. I have also used Earthsap laundry detergent, which is a bit more expensive, but should also work for people with allergies. Kind Regards, Ginny

    • Ginny Post author

      Good Afternoon Janina,
      Unfortunately Ecosoft has been discontinued as you will see from the below reply. I am really disappointed and do hope that you are able to find something else suitable.
      Kind Regards

      ‘Good Afternoon,

      I trust you are well?

      Thank you for contacting us, we have unfortunately discontinued the EcoSoft brand as it was not generating any sales. You will not be able to find it anywhere else in the trade and there is nothing replacing it at the moment.

      We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us should there be anything else that you require further assistance with.

      Kind regards

      Phindi Ntuli

      Customer Care Administrator and Marketing Admin’