This little store is one of those special hidden treasures. You can buy almost anything from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, to fresh bread, butter, milk, cheese and yoghurt, a large variety of dry food ingredients, and even environmentally friendly household and personal body products. For such a small shop, they have an amazing variety of goods on sale, a one-stop-shop. There prices are also quite reasonable and I was even amazed to find something like wild garlic, which I had never tried before, and was delicious! For us in the Southern Suburbs, it’s extremely conveniently located, and could easily be tied into our weekly shop. They are now also open on Sundays, so there’s very little excuse not to drop in and give them a try. It really is time to put our forks and purses to the vote, and support the small time suppliers and producers who are providing good, wholesome, organic produce. They are located at:-

Shop 2 Lakeside Shopping Centre, Cnr Main and Putter Road, Lakeside

Organic Zone – facebook page

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