Solar Coffee Roasting

While I know that we are spoilt by the numerous amounts of suppliers of good fresh coffee available to us, I felt that Snob’s Coffee deserved a special mention, for their environmental efforts of roasting coffee in a self-sustainable way. We received a free sample of their coffee, at the premier of the documentary film, Fuel (see previous post), and apart from it being delicious, I was impressed with their green commitment.

While most traditional coffee producers use liquid petroleum gas in the roasting of their coffees, Snob’s uses solar panels to supply electrical energy to their roasting process. A renewable energy source, creating the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

They also have organic coffees available, which would personally be my first choice.

They are based in Somerset West, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, and buy their beans, or you may order online from Snob’s coffee


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