Price: – R120-00, from Health Stores and Diskem

Opinion: – Excellent

According to Herbatint themselves this product does NOT contain Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, Fragrance or Alcohol and less Peroxide than other products, and has recently been proven in an independent Consumer Toxicology Report to be the least toxic hair colourant on the market when compared to conventional and other ‘natural’ brands. It also does offers 100% grey coverage. Their products are not tested on animals, and are made in Italy.

We, my sister and I, have now used this product for a few months, and I can really say that we prefer it to any other  “over the counter” hair dyes that we have previously bought. With both our hair being the same colour, we have found that it has always been possible to ‘share’ a box. She has shoulder length hair, and mine is longer, but since you are only dying the roots there is more than enough, and then in the last few minutes you can comb it through. We’ve managed to make an otherwise boring, tedious job, fun and entertaining, having tea while waiting for the colour to take. We both only have about 15-20% grey hair at the moment, so there is more than enough in one box for a touch up.We have found that the colour match is also very good and as we only dye the grey outgrowth we have found that it blends into the other, still dark hair perfectly.

I personally found with previous products that after dying my hair my scalp would itch badly for a few days afterwards. Also on application my scalp would sometimes burn or sting, and the strong ammonia was also displeasing to our eyes and nose. While our previous product did the job, I had also come across a few articles on the dangers of hair dyes, but vanity had overpowered these, and we continued to dye. I had seen Herbatint around for a while, but we did not have the guts to change, just in case. Eventually we decided that no important event was about to happen, no family weddings or such, and if disaster struck we would have time to redo it. We also found a very helpful lady, at the health store in Canal Walk, who not only had used the product, but could also help us identify the correct colour match for our hair, with a colour chart. We both have dark brown hair, and the colour we use is Chestnut 4N, with N standing for Natural! I was a bit worried that we would come out with orange hair, but we didn’t J When you mix the colour and peroxide together, it forms a type of gel, which is applied to dry hair, that is clean but not freshly washed. We do plan ahead to be sure that we have no after wash product on our hair. I find this much easier and more convenient to use, as it does not run so easily. We also leave it on for longer than the recommended time, which we do entirely at our own risk, leaving it on for up to 1 – 1¼ hours, making sure to apply it well to the front hairline. With previous hair dyes we also left it on beyond the recommended time in order to get full coverage. Obviously you need to be careful in this regard always being sure that you have no allergic reaction to the product. We also, without recommendation, colour our eyebrows for about 10 minutes. We have not had a reaction to this, but please be warned, that this is not recommended but the producers and we do this at our own risk. It is a permanent dye, containing peroxide and obviously then only needs to be reapplied as needed. Herbatint also have a semi-permanent colour product, with no peroxide, and shampoos and conditioners that do not contain SLS or parabens. I have not tried any of these products yet.

I am not stating that this is a ‘healthy’ product,

According to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, Herbatint 4N only rates 8/10 for its ingredients safety value. I did contact the UK office of Herbatint with regards to this, and this was their response.

Dear Ginny,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Please visit http://www.herbatint.co.uk/herbatint/features/herbatint-article.php?id=70 for details on an independent Toxicology report which was commissioned earlier this year in France and which cites Herbatint hair colour as the least toxic permanent hair colour on the market when compared to 17 other brands on the market both conventional and natural. 

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www.herbatint.co.uk – the gentlest permanent hair colour ever – visit http://www.herbatint.co.uk/herbatint/features/herbatint-article.php?id=70 for more info.


www.camellia-oil.org – our newly launched web resource for Camellia Oil


An article from a French magazine rates Herbatint as the overall safest product of 18 products that they put to the test. Have a look at this comprehensive article and see what you think. http://www.gentlebodycare.co.uk/images/Press%20Coverage%20PDF%20Files/Final%20English%20Translation%20of%20INC%20Report.pdf

So from this information, you can make your own conclusion. I am not sure if there are any other better, safer products out there, but I will continue to look and try, and keep you posted.

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