When we hike, while we are so busy focusing on the path, the forward journey, we forget to look back and enoy the past too, the view.

On reviewing my previous posts, I thought it would be good to recap on some of the products that I am still using regularly. Those I have found to be the good old ‘Tried and Tested’ favourites.

For home cleaning: GNLD Super 10 and LCD are still my firm favourites. Being concentrated they really do work out quite economical and it also means that I can almost avoid cleaning isle at the stores, so what a pleasure. While I also use the GNLD disinfectant, Care, I do sometimes buy the Earthsap Toilet Cleaner as well. This is really to use when I am having guests and need to freshen up the guest loo quickly. I have also found 40% hydrogen peroxide to be very useful for the loos, when I leave them to soak. I also scrub the grime in the grout and silicone in the shower with peroxide and leaving it on, until the shower is used. Apart from redoing the silicone and grout, I am not sure if there is another environmentally sound solution. To clean white, plastic kitchen sinks, lemons. Yes, take half a lemon and rub it around the sink, leave to stand for as long as possible, and rinse. If you need something a little abrasive, rub the lemon in salt first. Love this one. Pick n Pay Green Dishwashing Liquid is also a favourite, when I can get it, and Earthsap Dishwashing Liquid is still my backup and hand wash. For clothing and linen, Pick n Pay Fabric Detergent, also when I can get it, and Eco-Soft Washing Powder are also still on the list.

Hair care: I must say that Earthsap Shampoo and Earthsap Conditioner are still my firm favourites here. I am also still using Bloublommetjieskloof Conditioner as a leave in, after wash conditioner. I only use a minute amount, and I must stress that this is not on their recommendation, and something that I do purely at my own risk. It seems to work for me, calming my untameable hair a little.

Body care: Crystal Deodorant has had an unswerving place in all our toiletry cupboards and bags. It works for me, and my family, so I have had no need to try any other.

Lifestyle: Eureka Stoneground Flours and Khoisan Sea Salt are also still regular products in my grocery cupboard. When you find a good product, there’s not much of a reason to change. They are well priced, good value and healthy. I still love Madecasse Chocolates, their variety and what they stand for, and will often treat myself, although a bit more pricey than my other favourite , CocoaFair Chocolates which are readily available from the Biscuit Mill and Organic Zone. I also still make my own homemade yoghurt, at least every 2 weeks, and Strawberry Preserve.

You can do a recap yourself of all the above products in my previous posts. I also have a few great new products that I have been trying, and will keep you posted on these soon. Here’s to a good new year of new challenges and plenty of new adventures.



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