Opinion: A great product
Cost: I think I paid in the upper R20’s for a 2 kg bag.

Bio-Wheat flour in a stone ground, unbleached flour made from non-GMO wheat. The flour is probably what you would call ‘organic in conversion’.
This is a statement from their website:

BIO-WHEAT flour is produced with wheat cultivated by means of biological farming methods. We apply crop rotation to replenish the soil by recycling our wheat crops with legume pastures. After harvesting, more organic matter is left in the soil to break down into natural humus. This reduces the need for chemical fertilizer, and in addition less pesticides are administered: pests do not like a healthy crop.

I did contact Golden Reef Milling with regards to this, and I was impressed with their honesty. While most of the flour is grown on their fifth generation milling farm just outside of Caledon, Western Cape, a certain percentage is brought in from other farms that do hold the same non-GMO and crop growing philosophies as them. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are only used when necessary but they are however keen to continue working towards a fully organic product in the future.

You can buy this range in Wholegrain, Coarse White and Brown, Rye, Cake and bran. I bought mine from Food Lovers, Tokai but I am sure that their are many other stockists. Check out their website for other suppliers.

For some really lovely pictures of the farm have a look on Annemari Ruthven Photography
You will have to do a search on ‘Gold Reef Milling’ as it is an old post, but really worth it.

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