A very belated Happy New Year to you all!

It’s already a few months into 2014 and I’m still wondering where last year went? What I learnt about myself though is that I know I stink at making and keeping New Years resolutions! I had great intentions of posting more often, of doing more research and just generally being more proactive, but we all know that great intentions not followed through mean nothing. I have realized that I’m not as self disciplined as I thought I would/could be, or else it’s just been a really busy, tough and upside down year. Most probably a combination of all.

But what else I know for sure is that I’m am still madly passionate about all things green and sustainable, and that this is truly not a passing faze. Being in my mid 50,s I know what I like and what I believe in, I am comfortable in who I am as a person, mature enough to agree to disagree with family and friends, and still love each other. I also know that everyone can play a part in keeping our environment and out bodies as healthy and toxic-free as possible, every small change makes a difference. That’s a choice we can make, ‘One bite at a time’.

These are some of my firm favourite 2013 products that have stood the test of time :-

1. GNLD Super 10 and LDC – for general household cleaning.

2. Eco-Soft washing powder and Pick n Pay Green fabric liquid detergent.

3. Pick n Pay Green dishwashing liquid, when I can get it.

4. Earthsap shampoo and conditioner.

5. Crystal deodorant.

6. Herbatint hair dye.

7. Breville Grinder, still going strong. Been an amazing little machine.

These products I have been using on and off for quite a while now, and while I regularly try others these are my favourites that I keep coming back to.  I have a few new ones up for review so watch this space. New products are often being released and I try them when I can, and often retry old ones again. Everyone deserves a second chance ! Many people cannot afford to try a product only to find that it doesn’t really do the job. That’s where I come in and hopefully will be able to help you to make an affordable, informed change in using more environmentally safe products, that really work. I personally found that when I googled a product all I ever read was a product review as written by the supplier themselves, and not an honest tried and tested one.

It has been said that ‘Old habits die hard’ and in order to change a bad habit, you need to create a new, good one.  Sustainable Table suggests 3 New Resolutions that are a great start to creating good habits, and The Plantwise Blog has also given me much food for thought. Well I do hope that the year ahead will be full of great green strides for us all. Keep me posted and inspired on the ones you’ve made so far!

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