Tried and Tested Travel

We were very priviledged to have travelled overseas for 2 months last year. Having very itchy feet, a pretty adventurous spirit and an easy going husband, who did say that he would NEVER visit India, we packed our bags, met up with friends, and had an experience of a lifetime. Now before you get any ideas of 5 star hotels and white flowing linen clothing let me put you straight. Our sort of travel is not First Class, or on the QE2, but ‘have backpack, will travel’ kind of mode. With a retired husband, time and good health on our hands, we decided to tick a couple of things off the bucket list. Mainly my bucket list, one of them being a romantic notion that I had had about the vibrant colours and luring spice smells of India. So a trip to Asia was planned, with and by our very good ex-South African friends, who now live in Malaysia, and have loads of experience of travel in this part of the world, plus the gift of being great planners too.

One of the things, among many others, that I was very keen to see from our travels was just how environmentally friendly and responsible these parts of Asia would be, and so I kept my eyes peeled and my camera ready for glimpses of ‘green’ hope along the way.
This will by no means be a complete and comprehensive list of what is going on out there, as I know that there is much more that I would have missed, and stuff happening in parts of the countries we visited that we did not get to see or experience. It will be from our brief travel time of 9 weeks, and from my personal perspective and observations. I will be sharing snippets of info along the way, pictures and stories, the things that touched or inspired me. I would appreciate hearing of your experiences too, so please, as they say, ‘Sharing is caring’
But for now. First stop, Malaysia.

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