YOGHURT – Yet another update…

I just had to share this update for making yoghurt. It has simplified my life so much and cut the process time by half.

I had been googling for insulated, stainless steel containers, that I could heat in as well as leave my cultured milk in to ‘grow’ in yoghurt. Apart from some very expensive industrial equipment, nothing local jumped out. And then I came across the Wonderbag.

The Wonderbag!

I had decided that I was most definitely going to buy one, when I came across a brand new one at a charity shop. My gain, their loss! These insulated, fabric cooking bags are locally made, and can also be used to transport cold things in. I now boil my milk, cool it, add the culture, and store it for the desired amount of time in the Wonderbag, all in my stainless steel pot. No more tranferring it to messy, isulated flasks, and then standing it in a cooler box. No extra washing required, plus I was never quite sure about the safely of putting warm milk into a plastic lined container anyway.

When I remove it about 6-8 hours later, the pot is still quite warm and the yoghurt perfect. I have not yet tried it to slow cook other meals in yet, but will most definitley be doing that in the near future. It not only saves on electricity but apparently also slow cooks delicious tender stews to perfection. Yum.

If you have had any experience at using the Wonderbag, I would love to hear from you. Do have a look at their website. Enjoy.

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