Earthsap Automatic Dishwasher Gel

Opinion: Very Good. Give it a try.

Earthsap still seems to be, by far, my best store bought ‘green’ group of products.

I used this a while ago and was not too sure, but we have since bought a new dishwasher and decided to give it another try. This time I persevered and altough I do have a little of the ‘old’ one in the back of the cupboard, I am finding this gel to be really effective. Let’s put it this way, just as effective as any other.

I love Earthsap, because they do not contain an unfathomalbe, unpronounceable list of ingredients, and it is safe for septic tanks. This product does not contain sodium laurel sulphate. If you would to read up more information on this ingredient, that many of your products probably to contain, have a look here and here. I always believe it’s best to make an informed decision. Ignorance is not innocence.

At R63-00 for 500ml from my local health store and if you use 45ml as directed, it works out to about R5,78 a load.  I often use less especially if it is a light load. Selected Pick n Pays also stock this and other ranges of Earthsap, sometimes a little cheaper. I do try and support the little man rather, but then again, a budget is a budget. 🙂 

Obviously and unfortunately, many of the biodegradable products are more expensive. For me and my pocket there is no choice. Chemical over natural all the way. I understand that for many it is not that simple, but let’s be honest. If you happen to own a dishwasher then you are in the top 5% of this country, and I am sure can afford superior products, even if you have to cut back on some other luxury. It is also very hard to put a price on your health and that of the environment. Who knows what sort of chemical residue if left on your dishes, and which we then consume?   Most of our sewerage, especially here in Cape Town, gets macerated and then pumped, untreated, straight out into our seas. If you are using a grey water system, then it is just as important.

So please, do not put your head in the sand. Once our water goes down the drain, it ends up somewhere. Choose – to contaminate or not?

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