PROBAC Dishwashing Liquid

Costs:- 750ml – R39-00;  5 liters – R215-00 (online)

Probac produce Biological home cleaners, that are fully biodegradable and are locally produced in Durban, South Africa.

I have been using Probac Dishwashing Liquid on and off for a while now. I can not always find it in the store when I need it so I decided to buy in bulk online.  What better way to not run out of a product and to save money!  They have a great special on and if you spent R1000-00 they will deliver for free. A score both ways, so I shared an order with my daughter and now we have 5 liters of the dishwashing liquid and the laundry detergent, each. It arrived at our door within a few days, great service. 

I like the way the product cleans and their philosophy :-

PROBAC uses ‘Beneficial Bacteria’ to actively biodegrade dirt in the process of cleaning, eliminating chemical and dirt transfer to the environment.

PROBAC achieves on-going deep cleaning and odour control at a microscopic level, keeping surfaces clean for days after the actual cleaning process.

PROBAC mimics the natural process of biodegradation, establishing healthy bio-stability in your home or business, while cleaning in a safe and sustainable manner.


With the dishwashing liquid I still find that it works best for me to put a dab on the sponge, wash everything and then rinse. I usually do this with the plug in so that the dishes are getting a double wash and I have hot soapy water with which to wipe down my kitchen counters. If the dishes are really greasy, it does leave a film around the sink, and then I would replace it with clean water. I would recommend washing in a plastic tub in your basin, so that the water can be thrown directly onto your garden, especially in this dry season that we are experiencing. With the beneficial bacteria in the product and it being fully biodegradable, once again it’s a win, win situation.

I have also found their online service great, as I have emailed them a few time with questions, and they reply in detail, in a jiffy. So for a bit of useful info on automatic dishwashing machines and grey water systems:-

“We do a PROBAC Dishwashing Liquid however this is for sink hand washing only. We do not have one for Auto Machines as the water gets cooked at too high a temperature and this would negatively affect the probiotics.

We do have a Drain Cleaner which is perfect to grey water systems, and both biodegrades organics (food particles and chemical pollution) as well as eradicates unwanted bacteria from surfaces and systems.”

Give Probac products a try. We only have one body and one earth to look after. Please do the best you can 🙂

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