• To be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. To use wisely, responsibly and respectfully that which has been entrusted to us, and to leave a great legacy for the generations to come. My challenge to others is to try and live the same, and to remember that every action has a consequence, good or bad.

Over time, I have used many products that are not harmful to man, animals or the environment. I have used them as instructed, with great perseverance and enthusiasm. Sometimes even to the moans and groans of my family, I have pushed through; even when something does not look like it is working so well! So with that said, this is my aim in posting this site.



  • To share my opinions on various environmentally friendly products that I had tried and tested, personally, and to gather others opinions on these products.
  • To offer personal ‘constructive criticism’, for consumers and producers alike.  For this not to become a mudslinging forum.
  • To offer guidance for consumers, as it can be a costly exercise to continually buy new products, and also frustrating when something does not work as well as expected or advertised.
  • Another criteria that I am trying to achieve, is to only use products that are Beauty without Cruelty Endorsed. This is not always easy to ensure but here are a couple of websites that might be helpful. http://www.mymakeupmirror.com/MakeupWithoutCruelty.php http://www.uncaged.co.uk/animaltesting.htm,   www.bwcsa.co.za
  • To share resources that I have found useful,  in and outside of the home.

Having tried and tested quite a few ‘green’ products, I have a few questions:-

  • Why are some of the environmentally friendly products so much more expensive?
  • Why do some of them not seem as effective as the usual non-green ones, or just don’t seem to work?
  • Is it that they just require more ‘elbow grease’, and that is the compromise that we have to make?
  • Could the products be sold in smaller tester size bottles?  This would be helpful to get to know a product first, before outlaying on larger bottles, which can last a couple of months.

All the products that I have tried and tested have been bought by me, used over a period of time, and I have not received any compensation from any of the listed items used. This is not classified as a free advertising site, but rather a hands on information site for other users and for feedback. All prices are approximate, depending on where you shop.

Contact : –  info@triedandtested.co.za